You can’t see people’s mental health…♥️

Yes, I diet. Yes, I exercise. Yes, I get Botox. Yes, I have a nightly face routine. Yes, I’ve lost 40 pounds since December. No, I don’t have hair extensions. No, I haven’t had any plastic surgery. No, I don’t have an eating disorder. No, I’m not told what to do by Nick. What IContinue reading “You can’t see people’s mental health…♥️”

Why her and Why not me?

Over the last several months, I have had multiple women reach out who are battling infertility. I took lots of time and have written multiple stories regarding this dreaded disease. I realized not many people are open when it comes to this battle. It is embarrassing, emotional, heartbreaking, time consuming, and a multitude of thingsContinue reading “Why her and Why not me?”

Advice from Granddaddy

“Remember, marriage is 50/50. “The one piece of advice Nick and I heard repeatedly before we got married. But I distinctly remember one very important man in my life changing my view on marriage with one simple conversation.  “Lacie Poo, life is full of ups and downs, disappointments, loss, heartaches, failures, successes, love, and life.Continue reading “Advice from Granddaddy”