The light remains…

2021: The year God would put all His lessons and preparations into action.

I have not written in a while due to life and its never-ending changes. I have taken the last several months to pause and reflect on life and all I have been given. A few things the past year has taught me: stop and live for the moment, check in on your friends, and never take one second for granted.

During the last couple of months, I have seen and lived various circumstances I never dreamed of living. Overcame a lot of adversity and uncertainty. But one thing remains the same…. God is still on His throne and still in control.

-My faith was personally tested to the max.

– My fears were brought to life.

-My anxiety reached its maximum level.

But I was constantly reminded; God is still on His throne and still in control.

I did not realize God was preparing me for what was to come. He was setting me up to overcome many things and to be a version of myself I never thought possible. He was leading me to be prepared for what He had in store. Through it all I was constantly reminded: God is still on His throne and still in control.

Many more blogs to come with stories and life lessons… but for now, I will remain grateful for it all.

“Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.” -Ester 4:14

Published by Lacie

Lacie Ross graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Valdosta State University. She also has a diploma in Human Resources. Lacie is the former Miss Georgia United States 2013 where she served and currently serves on many local and national charity committees. Hobbies include working-out, hiking, camping, mentoring young girls, being a mom, and raising farm animals. Lacie met her husband Nick on an airplane and has been married for seven years. They have two precious boys, Atticus and Ander. They just welcomed their sweet baby girl, Addleigh Elaine this year.

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