Dear Thirty…

For years people would tell me how much they dreaded turning thirty. There was so much negative energy with this milestone birthday that I actually started to tell myself how bad it was going to be. The closer it got I realized, thirty, it is just another number. Yes, I would be a year older and would leave my twenties, but why not make this a positive experience instead of a dreaded one.

The months leading up to my birthday, plans were being made and the invitation list was being created . It was then I realized what really mattered in life and a huge party was not on that list. Instead, I wanted to be surrounded by my best friends and family who support me, lift me up, and who I share my highest of highs and lowest of lows. My best friend offered to have the party at her house and so the planning began. The weekend started with family flying in from Michigan and friends driving from north Atlanta all to be with me on this milestone birthday. We sat around and laughed at the memories we all shared and in that moment I realized how thankful I was for these people. The ones I could always turn to and depend on. To my surprise a video was also created with stories and memories from my family and friends who couldn’t be there. I was overwhelmed with emotions and gratitude because I didn’t deserve any of this.

Little did any of them know ( until 4 weeks later), I was expecting my second child. So not only was I celebrating turning thirty, I was also “secretly” celebrating another milestone that was never supposed to happen. I was pregnant again… naturally. Some thing doctors told me would never happen. But there I was pregnant for the second time without any help… except the fact God had a bigger plan. I would catch myself emotional and teary eyed every time I would think about all the blessing that kept presenting themselves during that weekend.

Life can be so overwhelming at times. We all go through storms thinking we will never see the rainbow after. But in reality, God always has a plan, His timing is always perfect, and faith is a rock we should all lean on. My faith has been tested many times but turning thirty showed me just how much God can bless us if we just trust and have faith in Him. Will the road always be pretty? No! There are times I find myself drowning and wondering how to pick up and move on. But God has never failed me and His divine plan has always proven He always keeps His promises and never leads us astray.

“What you are “looking” for and what God has planned to give to you could be two completely different things. Don’t become lost on your journey and loose what He may have already placed right in front of you.”- Unknown

Published by Lacie

Lacie Ross graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Valdosta State University. She also has a diploma in Human Resources. Lacie is the former Miss Georgia United States 2013 where she served and currently serves on many local and national charity committees. Hobbies include working-out, hiking, camping, mentoring young girls, being a mom, and raising farm animals. Lacie met her husband Nick on an airplane and has been married for seven years. They have two precious boys, Atticus and Ander. They just welcomed their sweet baby girl, Addleigh Elaine this year.

One thought on “Dear Thirty…

  1. Lacie, you always come up with the words I could never come up with and so heart felt. I always felt like me and you were the same person just always in different bodies. I find it funny how much we are alike and how close we are. I always love you and always will. Just remember that, no matter where or how far I am always there where you are. Love you Cuz.

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