Atticus Ellis Ross

This past weekend Nick and I were showered with love and gifts for our precious baby boy. We cannot believe how many people came to show support and who are already praying and love our baby. It is amazing to see what God does in your life through others.

Once the shower was over we packed the car and headed to our maternity photos. I do not think it fully registered exactly how blessed we were or all the wonderful things we had received. From baby clothes to sentimental cards, we did not completely understand the extent of what we had received. Later that night we returned to my mom’s house to find all these baby gifts covering her living room floor. As we began to go through each and every gift again, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and emotions for how much love we have already received.

Baby Atticus is such a blessing in our lives and we were shown how much of a blessing he will be in so many others lives as well. The entire weekend I kept being reminded to be grateful for everything. God put me in certain situations to remind me to always be thankful for everything He provides. Gifts for our precious blessing are very much appreciated, but the love and relationships mean so much more and I am more grateful for these than any materialistic item we could ever receive.

At the end of the day we should all be thankful for the life we have been given, the relationships we have built, the hard times we fall upon, but most of all for the love God gives to each and every one of us. No matter how hard life can be at times we must be grateful for everything.

Our lives can improve just by becoming more grateful. It can strengthen relationships and increase overall happiness. Everyday wake up with a positive mindset and look for things you can be thankful for.

“Start each day with a grateful heart.“- Unknown

Published by Lacie

Lacie Ross graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Valdosta State University. She also has a diploma in Human Resources. Lacie is the former Miss Georgia United States 2013 where she served and currently serves on many local and national charity committees. Hobbies include working-out, hiking, camping, mentoring young girls, being a mom, and raising farm animals. Lacie met her husband Nick on an airplane and has been married for seven years. They have two precious boys, Atticus and Ander. They just welcomed their sweet baby girl, Addleigh Elaine this year.

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